Establishing a Strong Foundation for the Future

At Underground Services, LLC, we're your comprehensive solution for all your foundation and drilling needs in the energy, transportation, and commercial market sectors.

Turnkey Solutions

We specialize in providing a holistic approach to your projects. You can expect us to deliver everything from foundation drilling to concrete and rebar placement, equipment, and slab-on-grade foundations.

From initial planning to ongoing support, our comprehensive package streamlines operations and propels your business toward success.

Project Management

Foundation Drilling

Experience the expertise and precision of our foundation drilling solutions for stable and strong construction projects. This service covers rock drilling, polymer slurry, and temporary casing. We will ensure your project is grounded in solid foundations.

Hydro Vac Services

Safely and efficiently excavate with our hydro vac services, utilizing high-pressure water and vacuum technology. These services are designed to provide non-destructive solutions to locate existing utilities and install traffic signal foundations.

Directional Drilling

Harness the power of precision and efficiency with our directional drilling services, enabling accurate underground installations and minimizing disruption. This service is perfect for projects that require precision and minimal surface disruption.

Additional Services

Beyond our core services, we continue to expand our range of work to serve our clients in the deep foundations and concrete construction sectors.

Learn About Our Work

Check out our work and see what we offer in the Rocky Mountain Region and other areas.